Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh what shall I do?

Well I have finally got around to blogging again. I am going to have a moan to myself.

I have worked all my life, as most people have, but I have WORKED. I brought up my daughter alone, so often than not I went straight from one job to another, sometimes working all day, all night then back to my day job again. I have no regrets about it, I had the stamina and if I didn't keep the roof over our heads, no-one else was going to. Thankfully now, my daughter has grown up into a nice young woman with a son of her own and I can start to do the things I want to do. The problem is I can't decide just WHAT THAT IS!!!!

I work in London but have a nice house in Crewe, so I go home on Fridays for the weekend then stay with my parents during the working week. What I THINK I would like to do, is buy a nice narrow boat, find myself a nice mooring and then, over time, cruise the whole canal system. BUT (and isn't there always one of those!!) I need to work, whats more another pair of hands on a narrow boat, if not entirely essential, preferable, especially when going up and down in the lock.

There is nothing stopping me, I have a nice chunk of equity in my house, add a tiny marine mortgage and that would buy me a very nice boat from a favorite narrow boat builder of mine. I am just too darned 'sensible' to do it. All these bloody questions go around and around in my head. What would I do for money? Is it the 'right' thing to do to sell a house (that gains capital) to buy a boat that depreciates. Would I worry about my parents, who are both in there 80's? I would definitely miss seeing my Grandson whenever I wanted. If I did it would the idea of it be more appealing to the actual doing it? Am I running away? Oh boy I could go on.......but I won't. I get really frustrated with myself at times and wish I had a wild streak in me that just DID things like that! Mind you, I was like this for ages about moving up to Crewe, so I suppose I should just carry on as normal until I say' Right, thats it, I'm doing it!!!' You never know, you just may see me chugging along the canal one day.


Kathy (non-blogger) said...

Interesting blog. I always enjoy reading about other peoples lives as it helps give us an insight into our own. I just happened across your blog by clicking "next blog" and enjoyed it.

"What would I do for money? Is it the 'right' thing to do to sell a house (that gains capital) to buy a boat that depreciates." Depends on whether investment is more important to you than living the kind of life you want. Ask yourself what you're investing for and how that will help improve your life. Perhaps that will help you find the answer.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Shazzy Clank said...

Good reasoning, Kathy.

The safe route is always the easiest to take and to be quite honest, at my age now I think it's the route I'd choose. But then that's easy for me to say because I've taken my share of risks and have done plenty of weird and wonderful things. I don't have a house or money in the bank but I've memories and experiences that I wouldn't be without.

Over to you, Carol...