Friday, April 28, 2006

My first time

Well, here I am blogging for the first time, I must admit I am very nervous, I mean supposing I bore you all to tears? I mean I can't think of anything that would be of interest to anyone but me. You are all spectators, watching me lose my virginity, blog speaking that is.

My name is Carol I live in Crewe but work in London and I have just had a long lunch celebrating. I own a house, 3 cats, 2 goldfish and a Vauxhall Corsa. Hey ho isn't life grand? I often ask myself what I would do if I won lots of money and I must confess I would probably have to sit and think about it for a few months. I would probably buy a narrow boat and sail off onto the inland waterways. Do you think that one could get bored after a while knowing there is nothing they cannot do?

Anyway, I must say congrats to someone (you know who you are), so congrats, please remind me to slim into my party dress as I want to be bridesmaid. I must also say a huge Thankyou to you and R as I wouldn't be able to live my double life without you's and I feel I don't say Ta enough. Thats it for my first time, I am glad I could share it with you. Once I get the hang of this thing I might get funnier :-)


Sharon J said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. At 46, it's about time you lost your virginity!

Would money really mean you could do anything you wanted? I really want to be a published author, but unless I could use my money to bring me fame and then write a book based around that fame, I doubt it'd help. And anyway, I wouldn't want to be published just because of a name; I'd like to think it was because I had a smidgen of talent, at least. And money sure as hell wouldn't buy me a new bowel so I definitely still wouldn't be able to do all the things I want to do. Although having said that, it would sure as hell make life easier!

I'm sure your grandson will make a lovely pageboy :-)

Carol said...

Do you think he would? Don't get married at Stapely then cos he loves the nude staues and would shout 'I want to see the mans willy' all through the service!!!