Friday, May 19, 2006

Nothing much

Well I am feeling a lot better than moany old yesterday, it is probably something to do with the weekend being upon us.

I am going up to Crewe this evening, courtesy of Virgin. I like going back to my house, it really feels like home to me. Until 3 years ago, I had only ever lived in London, and although I still work in London during the week, it is more bearable knowing I can escape the place for the weekend.

Oh, I booked tickets for the Crick boat show! I managed to get my daughter to come along, even though she hates the sight of narrowboats (mmm maybe a good blog there!!) I convinced her that it wasn't all boats and my Grandson would really like it. Really, it is an attempt to convert him into a narrowboating gardener! He's 3, so very easy to influence.

Crick isn't until the bank holiday weekend, but it is my first proper inland waterway boat show, so I am really looking forward to it. I am going to poke around all those boat exhibitors and maybe find that wild streak I so wanted yesterday!! Oh and they have a hog roast!!

Anyway, I am off now. I think I WILL write about my 'Narrowboat holiday from hell' Next week, it just might raise a few smiles.

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