Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 3 Last day of 49

On Thursday we decided to leave Llangynidr and go up the canal a bit before turning around, we had aranged to meet my best friend Sharon, my daughter Christine and Sharon's daughter Linn Marie the following day to celebrate me 'not being 49 anymore' The views were fantastic and there wasn#t another boat in sight as we slipped over an aquaduct and turned into a turning point.............Where, we got stuck, Solid!!

We couldn't jump off as we were too far away from the bank, we couldn't pole off as trying to use the pole just resulted in the pole going about 18 inches into the mud! Which was also why we couldn't jump off into the water! We stood there for about 20 minutes when a group of teenagers came around the corner with the hugest back packs I have ever seen. They were on the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and how fantastic they were. They caught the back rope and heaved, and I do mean heaved until they managed to pull us around the way we had already been facing, it meant going to the next turning point and I had no idea if it was as bad as one we had already been jammed in, but we left them with a promise to gee up the others on the scheme who were behind them. About 5 minutes later we came across them having a rest and a fag!! Then immediately after them the turning point. Blink and you'd miss this one, but I turned in and got stuck when we were almost turned round. Again we couldn't pole off but The Duke of Edinburgh lots came to our rescue again and we were able to start our criuse back to Tal-y-bont.

It started to rain heavily but it was still beautiful, as you can see

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Akelamalu said...

Well they definitely earned their DoE Awards didn't they? LOL