Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The uncertainty of it all

To get to the point, my employer is in trouble. They owe a certain government department a shit load of money because someone on high has been cooking the books. Ordinarily, if it were a regular staff member that had 'made a mistake' we would all be subject to a witch hunt and the offending person dismissed. Because this 'mistake' has been made by the executive group they are not going to 'conduct a finger pointing exercise'. Mmmmm wonder why?

It would also seem, that because it has been written in their contracts, they have also received their performance related pay bonuses, unlike a few of the staff that were on a contract that gave them option days (A day off a month for a 45 minute lunch, instead of an hour) that 'perk' has been phased out but the performance related 'perk' can't possibly be!!!

We have a big union meeting coming up on Friday, thats going to be interesting, a lot of the attendees at the last one weren't even union members!! Strking is not going to do any good as we have all been put on alert to voluntary redundancy and then compulsory redundancy. Bet none of the executive group will be made redundant though. Oh well, whats the point in worrying, its only money after all and they do say the devil looks after his own.......
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Akelamalu said...

It's interesting isn't it that those at the top never lose out!