Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How the mighty fall

Oh how I laughed yesterday, a friend sent me a link to an old video. As a teenager I was in love with Gerry Shephard he was one of the lead singers with the Glitterband.

They were Gary's backing band but I loved him before they started out on their own and joined Gary's fan club to get information about his band. With a lot of determination, me and my best friend Sharon discovered where 3 of them lived, John Springate, Peter Phipps (Her favorite) and Gerry.

During the summer holidays, we would get a red bus rover and go all over London, one fine summers day we decided to go to south London and pay a visit to our hero's. Gerry lived in a house in Steatham with his Mum and Dad! I remember the name of the road to this day. Gleneldon Road! I was so excited and scared. I was 13 years old and about to meet my hero! In fact I was so scared that I made Sharon go and knock on the door.

After a minute or so the door was opened by his.....Mum!! Sharon politely asked if Gerry was in and she replied rather vaguely 'Oh no sorry, he has just popped up the shop to get me some toliet rolls'!!! Ha I crack up laughing about it now but then?!! TOILET ROLLS?!! GERRY? HE DIDN'T GO AND BUY TOILET ROLLS HE WAS GOD!!!!! I must admit I was crestfallen!

Still, not to be deterred, she assured us he would be back in a little while so we went down to the shops and hung around for a bit, and then went back. Sharon knocked again and this time he opened the door!! Oh wow!! But what did I do? I was so shy/scared/dappy I hid behind a bush until I was coaxed out!! LOL

Sharon was in love with Peter and she never did get to meet him, we went to his house too but he had left a little while earlier and all we did was wake his Mum up as she came to the door in her dressing gown! We did phone her too once and she invited Sharon around for tea as she was so thrilled that someone loved her Peter!!

A few years later we met Gerry and John again after a concert they were both very nice, but sadly Harvey (Who was driving the car Gerry was a passenger in) was too up his own bum to stop long enough to give us his autograph.

Those days are long gone but I do have a giggle about them with Sharon. Great memories!!


Akelamalu said...

LOL this reminded me of the time my friend and I saw 'THEM' (Van Morrison's group) at the local Palais De Danse. We got talking to the roadie and got to sit in the van. While the roadie wasn't looking we pinched a cigarette stub out of the ashtray cos all the group smoked! Yuk!

Carol said...

How funny is that? Sharon and I were waiting outside Imperial College one night for a friends brother to pick us up after a Glitterband concert, thats when Gerry came out in the car with Harvey. We asked for an autograph but Harvey was really rude and just said NO! But Gerry was smoking a cigarette and he flicked it out of the window and I dived for that!! Hahahahahahaha

Sharon J said...

Ah yes, those were the days, just roaming around London without a care in the world :)

I've since spoken to Pete a couple of times on the phone (as adults) and he does seem to be a really nice bloke. And I still think he's handsome but not in the same "wetting my knickers" kind of way :)

Anonymous said...

Remember those days well.........I too adored Gerry and use to go to Gerrys house and Petes in Clapham , if I remember right, it was a council flat. Luckly Pete was in, and we sat in his tiny bedroom listening to a Stevie Wonder record. In the middle 70's I didn't realise Gerry lived with his mum, when I went round there he had a mate called Steve staying
I adored Gerry.......broke my heart when he died

Carol Ives said...

Anon. The last time I saw Gerry was at a Newham town show and Pete was on drums. Still both handsome Yes Pete's place was a council flat. . Those days are long gone. Even my lovely friend Sharon J who commented above you died recently. Such care free times. I miss those days