Sunday, July 29, 2012

A visit to the Olympic Park

Today I visited the Olympic park. I went in April to see a water polo test event but the park wasn't quite finished and the flowers were yet to bloom.

It is a different story now, the gardeners have worked miracles considering the awful weather we have had and along the banks of the Waterworks river and the River Lea it is a riot of colour.

I will leave you with some photo's

My Grandchildren. Kai and Sian

And the Gloriana was moored there too!!!

I can't wait for the park to open to the public in July 2013. This will be my local park and  I think we are very lucky to have it


Ayak said...

Lovely photos Carol and I bet you can't wait for the park to be open. You are so lucky to have been able to be so close to the stadium and feel the atmosphere.

Carol said...

Linda, I know I am. Yeah we have had a lot of hassle, but the atmosphere really is fantastic and the park is going to be gorgeous, plus I get to work from home for 2 weeks!!!