Friday, May 04, 2012

London Prepares

Tonight, I took my Dad to the Olympic park as part of the London Prepares events. Many years ago, he played and refereed water polo, of which the rules can be found here.

The event tonight was the ladies tournament between Great Briatin,  The USA, Hungary and Australia. before the start of the game my Dad became a bit emotional, I asked him what was wrong and he answered one word 'Memories'

We got there early to go through the 'airport style security' and it is airport style, coats off, pockets emptied and everything through an x-ray machine, while we go through a metal detector. A joke from my Dad as he put his walking stick in the tray to the security officer 'Thats my gun really' very nearly got him pulled aside. It wasn't funny and I indicated to the guard that he was joking, but just for a second there I really thought he was going to call the police over. My dad and his humour could well have scuppered our evening. The security officer could see he is old so thankfully took it as a joke but not before a stern look and a bit of a telling off. Naughty Daddy!!

The park isn't quite finished but we walked around and I got the opportunity to see Orbit

Below are some photo's

Once the park is open, apparently you will be able to go to the top in a lift to a viewing platform and then come down the stairs that wind around the structure, I think it would be far more exciting if we could come down on a coconut mat, as I affectionately call it the Stratford Helter Skelter. As you can see, it is huge and it dominates the skyline and personally I think it would make a great roller coaster ride, but this is modern art........

The Aquatic Centre. I love the shape of this

Dad in front of the water polo arena which will be removed after the Olympics

The new planting. On the left you can see part of the Bow back rivers which surround the site and have really benefitted from a massive clean up. These are going to be a wonderful display of Alliums in a few weeks

Inside the water polo arena this one is for Jaq in case she is home sick. The US ladies Team

GBR Ladies Team

Amazing seeing as most of this land was badly contaminated and will be a legacy left after the Olympics

                                                                 The stadium

I am glad I have been into the park as I wasn't able to get tickets for the actual Olympics and although I am not looking forward to the disruption, I am looking forward to being able to stroll down there once they are finished with a nice picnic with the kids and maybe take a water taxi along the canal.

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