Sunday, April 29, 2012

Under Siege #2

Of all the things I am dreading about the Olympics, this is what I am dreading most.

About 5 months ago, I dreamt that my Dad and I were walking along the Greenway past the Olympic stadium and I heard this awful screaming noise, I looked up and I saw a plane crash into the ground and then come sliding towards us and it was coming very fast. I woke up screaming 'RUN RUN' because this is what I was screaming to my Dad in the dream but he wasn't running because he couldn't (and actually, in real life, cant). I know it was a dream, and of all the dreams I have had, good and bad, none of them have come true. But then last month, I read an article about proposals to put surface to air missiles at Shooters Hill and Blackheath to secure against any terroist attacks during the Olympics. This creeped me out, I can tell you.

It then got me seriously thinking about what would happen in the unlikely event they would need to be deployed. The Olympic park is surrounded by houses, apartments, shopping centre's and busy main roads, and it frightened me to think that they would seriously consider it at all.

Now they are talking about putting missiles on blocks of flats. How the hell can they justify that? I know we cannot be complacement and need to take security seriously, but really, how can this be a viable solution?

Tell me where I can protest because I am not happy and in fact rather scared. Yes it's unlikely, but so were the attacks on the world trade centre............................

I have no choice but to be in Stratford during the Olympics and I now seriously wish I did.


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hello Carol
Well i must say it`s nice to see you blogging.
I was a bit dissapointed you had no picture of yourself on the Marathon blog. Surely a friend could have taken one as you ran by.
So glad we won`t be anywhere near London what with the Olympics and the Jubilee.
Glad you enjoyed the boat holiday and keep blogging but use bigger pictures.

Carol said...

Hahaha. I couldn't walk a marathon let alone run one. Maybe next year

Carol said...

There you go Les and Jaq, I have made the pics bigger for you,