Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More wedding pics

Here are some more


Akelamalu said...

Oh how lovely!

LES said...

Hi Carol
Nice pics, was having trouble trying to decide which of the 2 lovely ladies in the top pic was the bride.

Carol said...

LOL. Yes Les I know what you mean, I was meant to be walking her up the aisle but she marched me up there, despite me muttering 'slow down, slow down' The bride is on the left, wearing the princess tiara. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hope you are feeling a lot better now.

Anonymous said...

Carol - how lovely you both look! Beautiful dresses and the pics below make the setting look like a paradise. I hope you don't feel you've lost your baby - but gained more family!
All good wishes for their future
Carrie xx

Carol said...

How are you? Yes my son in law is a lovely man. He is most definitely a welcome addition to the family. (O.K Petrus, you can credit my bank account directly!!!)

His family were lovely too, the party was great and it was fantastic to see the real St Lucia and not just the bits the tourists see.