Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Mystery

Recently I sent off an application to my building society for permission to rent my property. Since my Mum died in October I have been spending more and more weekends with my Dad so decided the property could pay for itself.

I filled in the form with a great deal of care, getting important information from my P60 and sent it off. I noticed after a month or so I still hadn't heard a word from them, that is, until I went back to Crewe this last weekend to finish off emptying the place. There on the mat was a letter from the building society.

I opened it and inside was a letter thanking me for my application but explaining that I hadn't filled in section A of the form (The part I most definitely did as I had to find a p60 to do it) and enclosing another form. I looked at the form carefully.

Part A was the ONLY place that identified who I was and my address, so the mystery is this.

If I forgot to fill in that part of the form, how did the building society know who to write to to inform me that I hadn't?


Akelamalu said...

Well it's obvious - the Building Society is staffed by idiots!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - I get paranoid about such things! You could phone them up to confirm they sent that form?

My son had his laptop stolen when his shared house got burgled. Amazingly, a couple of months later a cop phoned him saying they'd recovered it and did he have the password to log on to it. Of course I was hising at him "Don't tell him - it could be the burglar trying to use it". turns out it was all above board and the cop was just checking my son would be able to use it still!
- Carrie

Carol said...

Hi Carrie
If I am honest they probably just lost it as they sent photocopies of the rest of the form and as it was all attached they must have had it. It was just them telling ME I hadn't sent it rather than them admitting they had lost it that gets my goat. Now I am worrying as that had important personal information on it. Like my NI number my date of birth and mortgage account number and tax office and employment details. Mmmm you have got me wondering now.

Carol said...

Or Psychics!!! LOL