Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All packed and ready to go

Well that's it then, after this weekend the house will be all packed up and ready for renting. I did have a bit of a false start as the neighbours did say their parents wanted to rent it but then changed their minds and as I was cursing thin air asking whoever why were things made so difficult for me, out of the blue, a letting agent rang. One I had called a few months ago ringing as a courtesy call. So around she popped and it's now in the hands of an agent.

I often curse or ask questions to thin air, but that is the first time I have had such a quick response!!

I thought I would feel sad, but actually I didn't. I have got fed up with the travelling up every weekend and now I will have the time to go on some of the London walks I love so much. I love doing those in the summer and we once went on a ghost walk which was funny/spooky and good value for money.

Course I will be going up to see Sharonon a regular basis, so I will still be able to go to my beloved farm shops.

So here's to the next phase


Akelamalu said...

Well Bon Voyage m'deario, I hope you'll keep blogging to let us know how you're getting on?

Sharon J said...

I dunno about the cursing cos that sounds a bit negative to me, but positive thoughts definitely work for me.

What I remember most from that London Walk we went on was the awful stench near that old graveyard. I've never smelt anything like it either before or since.

I'm looking forward to farm shop visits and driving along random country lanes with music blaring out :)

Carol said...

Yes those random country lanes are definitely your thing, but by god have we found some things down them!!

Sharon J said...

Yepp, like quaint country pubs, old pairs of knickers, more farm shops, abandoned bags of money, pretty locks with picnic benches, naked men and sheep running randomly along the road. Ok, maybe not all of those...