Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's official

Well guys, take a look at this

She says I am uneducated so I must be mustn't I?

I say, she should go back to the mental hospital she has obviously escaped from.

Poor Mr Pink Pyjamas


Sharon J said...

She got pretty nasty over on my blog too. I wrote something about it here and then she started again here.

As for being uneducated, for a couple of bints who bunked off school for the best part of three years, we haven't done too badly ;-)

Carol said...

I personally think the woman is mentally ill or gets ignored at home and has no voice. Let her do her thing.

In the words of Catherine T
'Am I bothered? Am I?'

She has enough rope now to do her own damage.

Caroline said...

Nasty evil person!
I think that he/she/it is trying too hard to be controversial. They're probably hoping for a blog publishing deal!
Trying too hard to make people comment - so stay away and don't bother with them!

I think that you're lovely and kind and funny and FULL of stories that are FAR MORE INTERESTING than PP.
So ... how WAS your holiday?????


Sharon J said...

I quite like her. She brightens up my day!

gentlemanoracle said...

I can't find where she said such nasty things and don't want to pander by reading all her blogs.

What a nasty thing to say. Education as got fuck all to do with whether you're a decent human being. I did notice no comments on her last blog. so must be doing something wrong.

Ignore her you're lovely

Carol said...

Thanks Peeps. I know who my friends are and she is cretainly someone I don't lose sleep over.