Thursday, August 17, 2006

Time off at last!

I am off next week, my daughter and grandson are coming up with me tomorrow and at long last I am going to explore the surroundings.

I must admit I am going a bit far afield. My first visit is to the Forbidden corner in the Yorkshire dales. Apparently it is a sort of maze/folly set in 4 acres of garden and you go and find things and get squirted with fountains on the way. I am really looking forward to that.

Then on the recommendation of my friend Sharon, we are going to Llangollen. I have found a nice little b & b set right on the canal within walking distance of the Pontycysyllte aquaduct. I doubt I will be walking it, but I am going to take Kai for a horse drawn boat ride!!! Just who is the 3 year old here?!!!

Anyway, I have joined the 21st century, bought myself a nice digital camera and on my return will try and load some pics!!!


Knowleypowley said...


Have a cracking time. I went on that canal way back in the early eighties and it is truly magical, especially going over the aquaduct.

Will pray for good weather for you.

Cleo said...

Did you enjoy Forbidden Corner? I'm thinking of taking my grandchildren there but as it's quite a drive and would mean an overnight stay, I'd be interested in your opinion of it before making a decision.

Carol said...

Yes I loved Forbidden corner, I will blog about it soon only I am very busy at the moment. Be prepared for high steps to climb, high steps to go down around tight little spirals. Dark passageways, mud (If it has been raining)And if you can try and get an earlier entry time than we did (Ours was 3.45pm)and if possible avoid August. It is worth the long journey and the Yorkshire dales are a lovely place to stay overnight and have a drive through the next day. Some parts may scare really young children (My grandson is 3)